The relationship between the Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneurship!

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To put it into more user friendly terms – the Entrepreneur is the Business Owner (perhaps the business owner carries an passion and inspiration not just for paying the bills) and the Entrepreneurship is the Business, or the process  & the journey of running the business.


I believe there is direct relationship between the Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneurship.  As the business is the reflection of the business owner, so often when a client comes for business coaching,  I realise the person is the source of the issue before the business, they need life coaching or psychological support more than the business strategies.


How big is your inner space determines how big is your outer space, they are almost in 1:1 ratio.  Some people are lucky, they have started to develop that space in a younger age.  Some people wake up later.  If you are not the person who has spend at least 5 years to develop your AUTHENTIC inner space, it’s very likely you will bump into all sorts of challenges to break your fantasy (see my last post – The difference between a vision and a fantasy), and to stretch your inner space.


Again to relate to my personal experience, I have been running iXpress Business Accountants and Consultants for 5 years, my inner space has grown so much due to the combination of the personal development (workshops, seminars, retreats, mentors and coaches) and constantly applying my personal learning and my expanded self to my business.  I have developed so much by running this business, and in the meantime the business has grown so much because of me and the great team around me.  From a person who suffered a breakdown every time there was a major challenge, blaming external factors for all the setbacks to a person who takes on all responsibilities and believes she can confidently manage most of the things that thrown in her way.  The more I understand myself, the more successful is my business.


Right people are the best assets in the business as we all know, when my relationship with myself getting stronger and more loving, it reflected to my relationship with my team… and of course, with my clients…


I also encounter some of my accounting clients who are running seemly large business such as property development, corporate training or a restaurant but constantly under huge stress and pressure due to lacking of emotional fitness and inner work,  become more of the slave of the business rather than the master.  They have made some good money, but at the expenses of their health & well-beings.


That’s why I have this strong desire of developing a Program in relation to Entrepreneurial Psychology, to help entrepreneurs such as you to break free from the personal barriers first before you can put all these business strategies in place. By the end of the day,  you don’t just want to make money, you want to make money and also feel inspired and fulfilled.  Plus once you are inspired and fulfilled, the money will come anyway.  Raise your hand if you don’t agree with me.
Again give me some feedback (both positive and negative), your honest comment is very much appreciated.


With love and gratitude



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