As Inspired Entrepreneurs, we know that profitability is an integral part of our business.  In fact without it,  you just don’t have a sustainable business.

Yet there’s so much more to the area of ‘profitability’ than the traditional accounting view. All too often we see businesses focusing on just one area linked to their profitability – e.g. reducing expenses.

(LINDA – adjust )And also forbeing accountants, we know and have seen this time and time again. Yet this simply doesn’t work as its just NOT enough.

Your profit is simply an outcome. The end result of either effective actions…..or ineffective actions / inactions. Yet these always come from more than ONE variable.

As with anything, there is a system to creating ongoing profitability – and being able to grow this year after year.

A system that is proven.

A system that is geared around adding value – something Inspired Entrepreneurs know all too well.

And above all, a system that downright simply works!

Imagine if there was a way that you could quickly determine what you could spend on generating profitable new clients….


Imagine if after making two simple tweaks to your strategy, you could then outspend your competitors in generating new clients to your business and STILL be profitable at the end of the day….

And imagine if you could line up the jig-saw pieces in your business so that profitability is systematized into your business decisions, and in such a way that also has your clients smiling….

These are the things you’ll learn as part of our Profitability program.

It’ll help you keep the engine to your business running strong. And more importantly, it’ll create a clear path to ongoing profitability. Profitability that is scale-able and profitability that is sound. The kind of profitability that Inspired Entrepreneurs seek to create in their businesses for themselves, their team and for their families.

ACTION STEP – Linda to complete based on what she seeks to do