Why you always want to run?

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Is this the time for the next holiday, the next relationship or the next project?  Is that something you are running towards also something else you are running away?  What are your running away from?  Why?


Have you ever thought of these questions, or they are too deep for you to think of?  In life, sometimes it’s so hard for us to be present, especially if you are an achiever, and you have a responsibility sometimes beyond your inner capacity to handle, you want to run, because to be with the current situation is too much, too uncomfortable, and beyond you can bare.
Are you running away from the current situation or are you running away from yourself (your pain)?  If you sit with (meditate) yourself for one hour, without going into your head, just to listen to your body and feel your body, what do feel?  Discomfort?  Pain?  Ask yourself ” Why is that the somewhere I want to go is so much better than here and now?” “Can I  have the feeling of getting that next relationship, next project, next car and next holiday right now?”
Whatever you are running away and running towards, you always carry yourself with you.  So the next time when you want to run, make sure it’s not that YOU from whom you want to run away, because he/she is really really upset if you do.
If there is something you want to running towards, running towards yourself,  you discomfort, your pain and your inner calling first.  Together you are so much stronger and you can do so much more, and you are no longer tempted by the shining object and momentary pleasure (which you regret later).
Pain is something we should be running towards not to be away, as much as it’s very uncomfortable, and sometimes overbearing… When you have the wisdom and capacity to listen to your pain, be with your pain, and even take advantage of your pain, you are starting to master our life.


With love and gratitude



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