Count on yourself – a hero’s journey

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So often in life, you are yearning for help.  Especially when you don’t believe that you have the power to achieve what you wanted, or your have a much bigger goal set for yourself and you want to get there quicker than your capacity allows you at the moment.
Where do you go for help?  You go to the next person you are infatuated with:  you believe there is something that in them that not in you yet, you perceive that they are stronger, wiser, more intelligent, more capable and more successful.
The same occurs to a relationship, when you perceive yourself as weaker, less capable and fearful, you will be searching for a savior, a carer and someone you can depend on like a capable parent you once perceived as missing.
The fact is that so often you realise sooner or later that part of them is just as weak and as incapable as you are.  And they are not coming to your life to complete you but rather to disappoint you.  When that happens, you actually start to own your own power and do something great with your life.
Whatever you are looking for, is within yourself, whatever traits you are looking for (both negative and positive) in another person is within you – although they might present in different forms.  It is a choice for you to make either by owning those traits to become truly great or by having them to disappoint you first then you can own your traits.  Either way, you are counting on yourself in order to become great.  So don’t point fingers to them if they disappoint you, as it was you who was infatuated with them in the first place, and only by their disappointing you that you can step into your true power,  so be grateful, and take full responsibilities and count on yourself, as the truth is,  you have everything in you to achieve fulfillment & success.

I don’t discount others’ help of course, I can’t be where I am without  getting help and guidance from so many great minds…. However, please seeking help wisely and realistically.  And don’t get disappointed if the person you are infatuated can’t give you the exact help you are looking for, take it as a great opportunity to discover what you are actually capable of.  See others as who they are and not who you want them to be, and be grateful that they are in your life for you to love your disowned parts,  appreciate their contribution in your life and move on and choose wisely the next time, maybe it’s not a right match or maybe you have out grown them.

Only when you step into your own power, you know that you can let them come and go freely without any emotional charge, and you are truly grateful for all the positive changes they have brought in your life either actively or passively, HOWEVER, you also recognise that what contributes the most to your true success and growth is your own hard work and wisdom.
Nobody holds the golden key to your success, you woke up one day, realize you are one of the world best kept secrets – time for you to shine, don’t be shy… And let me know if you need a push:-).
Hope you have enjoyed this article, and have found this is relevant and useful for you in order to take your business and personal life to the next level.  And if you think I am the right help for you, and you want to discover how I can assist you to discover your own power and to feel grateful doesn’t matter where are you and who you are with,  please contact me for my “Own the traits of the great” package.
Have a great Easter break!


With love and gratitude



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