Qualifications and Experience as a Life & Business Coach


Linda is a leading life and business coach who has achieved fair share of inner and outer success in her own life. Linda (M.Business, M.Psych, Certified Master NLP trainer, a trained Demartini Method® Facilitator and Licensed Demartini Values Facilitator®) is a human behaviour & business expert . Linda’s passion in both business and modern psychology has put her in the unique position to solve both life & business problems.  Linda is also a speaker, coach, consultant, educator, author, and visionary leader.  Linda is Australia’s No 1 Business Accelerator in the Chinese market & the Founder of Australian Successful Chinese Club.


Linda is the Managing Partner & Founder of iXpress Business Accountants & Consultants – a specialist small business accounting and advisory firm based in Sydney CBD & she is also the Founder of Inspired Entrepreneur – a business coaching & training institute.


Linda has a Master of Accounting degree with Macquarie University.  She is  a CPA member for over 10 years, and has over decade of accounting, taxation & business advisory experience, with her  strong entrepreneurial and general business vision helping her, she has built up a book of business clients raging from start-ups to million dollar companies.


In addition to her accounting & taxation services, Linda is also a leading business consultant for start-up and growing companies & also a qualified coach & mentor, a Master NLP practitioner & a Trained Demartini Method facilitator.


Her coaching and consulting training has seen her being mentored, trained and coached by some of the world’s best people such as Anthony Robbins, John Demartinin, Dr Joe Dispenza, Kerwin Rae, Jeff&Kane, Joanna Martin & Ben Harvey.  Her passion for human mindset and behavior entered her into the further study of a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology with Monash University.


Linda’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach ever higher levels of sales and profitability (while minimise their taxation and business risk), but equally new levels of Inspiration, Creativity, Productivity, Wealth & Wellness.  She has devoted herself to life long learning & researching,  and to educate her clients & students with her broad knowledge & expertise.


She is a published co-author of the ever popular book “Why Business Stops Growing & What we can do about it” and also working on her new book “You are allowed”.


Linda’s mission:


To fulfil my soul’s purpose by being a high-achieving authentic businesswoman who teaches people about entrepreneur psychology, showing them how to experience true fulfilment in life by uniting spiritual and material wealth and becoming inspired from within.

To run professional trainings (both independently and alongside other speakers) where I guide business owners to achieve emotional freedom and financial security through marketing, time-management, and sales strategies that increase their productivity and profitability. To create deep relationships with my audiences as I share my heart and pour out the knowledge, love, and wisdom within me and use techniques to help people solve their problems. To find my voice, express myself, and perfect my presentation skills so that I can fulfil my great vision of branching out from my current business and taking my personal development program to China and becoming a influential public figure. To become the author of a book where I share my personal life journey to inspire people, writing as a strong woman who has united the inner image of her full self with her current image by mastering her mind and body. To create powerful relationships with an amazing team who help me to make a huge difference in people’s lives.

To follow my heart’s calling as I continue to read about modern psychology, learning deeply about myself and people. To follow my internal drive for something magnificent as I continue to travel the world, enjoy my freedom, expand who I am, and learn from every situation and relationship I am in. To be willing to take risks on my path of constant discovery, growth, and personal breakthrough which leads me to my ideal life partner.

And finally, to live a life where I am true to myself, harness my determination, and use my great capacity as a person to serve humanity.









To use my voice, strength, love and inspiration to influence people to grow to their authentic self and unlimited potential.